Monday, 22 November 2010

New Year, New School!!

Hello everyone from IES JOAQUIN TURINA!!!!
This is a place where you can feel free to read, write and say whatever you want. Just one thing, do it with respect!!
I hope to have a brilliant year together!

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  1. Hiiii teacher :) I'm Ana Melcón...Now i was studing Maths, but I'm a bit bored...So I Think....why not write a comment for my teacher in her blog?=)
    I usually never enter in blogs of others, always write on my blog, without think that no one reads it ... or maybe just no one wants to read what I put !So I don't send anyone my link, but I leave you here if the page interest you , and you read the nonsense that I usually write, If you want,of course=)
    I hope you continue writing your fabolous blog =) ! And i will continue read it, Ok?
    So.. I don't know what else to say, obviously my blog is written in Spanish, hahaha, except some entries that I prefer it in English:)
    But...I only can say.. you're the best( one more time jeje;))and never, please, never change!

    Ps: Lo he escrito sin traductor practicamente, excepto alguna palabrita que no sabia como nonsense o algunos tiempos verbales,por lo demas creoque bien...ya corregirás tu mis faltas ...
    Espero que te guste un poco mi blog, que ya ire subiendo mas entrada, que aunque parezca mentira..ME ENCANTA ESCRIBIR...

    un beso muy grande Virginia:):) Lovee you(L)